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I've been distracted. I wouldn't even really say busy, so much as distracted. Once I get my mind focused on one thing, I'm focused on that one thing and it's pretty hard to tear my mind away from it. I can multi-task like it's no one's business, but certain things can be really hard to shake off and life has pretty much grabbed me by the hair, rattled me around and said 'look this way! not that way!' Aelyria hasn't been doing that to me lately, so it's sort of shifted unfairly to the backburner.

I have told myself a few times...go and do this, go get caught up...but then I get distracted by something shiny and it's just down hill from there. There's no real excuse for it. I'm distracted. Maybe I'm lazy. Occasionally I'm busy. Mostly I'm just distracted.

For one, I've been trying to iron out my life over the past few weeks. My personal life, not my professional one, which is a whole bag of ?? that I don't even feel comfortable touching right now. For one, it was starting to come up to the time that the boyfriend and I wanted to house hunt. But we'd also been talking a lot about getting married--it was something we wanted to do, more so than it had been in the past. To me, the house was always more important than getting married. I guess priorities change. That and getting married is cheaper. Go figure.

Anyway. So I'm engaged. Officially. I have a ring on my finger that needs to be resized (I refuse to believe it's the size we agreed on at the shop--it feels looser) and I'm working on letting the people in my life who matter know about it. I've managed to tell my immediate family, my friends...then this weekend we're heading down to Maryland for my cousin's son's first birthday and telling the rest of my family there. This means keeping the lid on things at work a bit because I work with my uncle, who will tell my grandmother...who would be hurt that I hadn't told her myself.

Family politics are fun.

I'm sure this general excitement is going to circulate for the next week or whatever and then calm down. Will it be usurped by wedding planning madness? Who knows. I hope it's not too crazy. Simple, straightforward. That's me. Nothing grand or excessive. At any rate, the boyfriend--fiancÚ!--and I have nothing really set down as to the 'when' of things, so...yep. No craziness just yet.

Anyway. That's one of the things grabbing my attention. There's others. (For instance, apparently they're laying off more people soon--probably next week or week after, since these things always happen start/end of a month.) I'm trying to screw my head back on, I promise.

PS - I can't access chat from work any more, which is why I'm not on there much any more. I'm fine, I swear.
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