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[Office] Den of the Word Witch


The Meaning Behind the Name
Nimh: Gaelic for 'Poison'; Pronounced Niv
A Little About Me
Name: Lauren, with no variants of the name whatsoever.
From: New Jersey, in the states
Profession: Veterinary Technician
Staff Account Schedule
It varies depending on work schedule but I tend to be inactive Friday afternoon through the weekend, due to work and time with my family.
Moderation Rules
I will not...
  • Pick up old, abandoned threads
  • Moderate politics
  • Moderate any more than 2 or 3 people in a given thread
  • Tolerate anyone who pokes at me to post. I loathe it with passion. I will never thread with you again if you poke at me.
Thread-Types That I Enjoy...
  • Personal discoveries/Mental challenges to the character's well-being
  • Adventure!
  • Dumping your character's life upside down
Things About Me...
  • I rarely tend to engage in huge epic plotlines. If you want huge and epic goodies of awesome, then I am not the mod for you.
  • I have every right to turn you down. I will only take threads that hold an interest for me.
  • I hate people who need to be TOLD what to do in a thread. I am not a hand-holder.
  • My favorite types of PCs are those who DO, who make their own decisions and forge the path ahead. As a result, these are the types of people I am more inclined to write with.

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