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Tito began this session, having a clever idea. By utilizing Master-level energies on an Initiate-level spell that still required a trigger...he would be able to, in theory, create a neigh-infinite number of them, as the Master-level vis would recuperate before it could run out unless the spell was used exhaustively. Every spell enchanted thusfar had been either defensive or guileful in nature, perhaps he should equip it with some attack ability, even if it was rediculously just meant he could fling a lot of them in quick succession.

So, he took the Master level energies and held most of it in reserve. He took an initiate-level amount and conjured it into the shape of a slightly curved blade, as if he were holding an elven longsword. It could be held by the bearer, and then thrown into a spiral if he so wished. The [b]Star of Force[b] spell held several possibilities. Rather than letting it come into being, however, he sealed it within the bead, then layered it over and over with Master-level energies. He strengthened and powered it countless times over the course of a candlemark, making sure it had enough vis to be able to cast over and over, before sealing it within the bead in the same fashion as the others, by thinking the word 'star' while focusing on the necklace in the mind's eye. If they included their hand in the mental image it would appear in their hand, otherwise they could imageine a target instead and it would fly towards the intended target.

As he finished, Encobri was already deep into her own enchant; the Absorb spell. She first conjured a field and shaped it into the appropriate size and shape using alteration, making it a formfitting spell that protects the bearer of the necklace. The conjured field is then laced with patterns of abjured and divined weaves which absorb spells directed into the field and filters the shaped essences back into its separate properties: Ara, Vis, and the respective sphere's essence. Only particles of Vis are reabsorbed by the field, which is transferred directly back to the caster via a secondary weaves consisting of abjuration and alteration. Then she divined the activation, making it a mental image of the necklace while thinking the word 'take' at the necklace. Unlike others, this one could be dangerous if sustained and taking in too much magic, so she included the ability to deactivate it by the same manner, only thinking the word 'off' instead.

Once again, after a bit of rest, each picked out a bead to study for a cycle...they were almost done.

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