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Niven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious SuperheroNiven is a glorious Superhero

Niven Soleil


  • Syl'rosian elf

  • 92 Eras


Niven lives with her friends Kailin and Calanon. To find where she is currently, check the list of threads below.

Physical Description:

Approximately 5'5", Niven is above average size for a Syl'rosian female. Her attractive face is framed by long blond hair. Her piercing green eyes capture attention and often can seem to see through people. She's quite slender and tends to seem as if she's floating, rather than walking.


Niven's normally worn clothing is a long dress. Her dresses consist of a long wine coloured dress and a brown dress, normally worn in the colder months. Niven also has a green travel dress and three fancier dresses, a blue, a green, and an eggplant coloured one. She also has a pair of green trousers, white chemise, and brown vest


Most often Niven can be described as a firecracker. She has a lot of energy and fire that people often get swept up in and makes her easily likeable. She tends to be a little outspoken, which has often gotten her into trouble. Niven oozes confidence and doesn't care much about what other people think of her. She is fairly even tempered and has a very laid back "let it be" sort of attitude that allows her to sidestep problems when they arise, unless, of course, the problems involve people she cares for, in such case she is more easily excitable. She doesn't believe in grudges and has few enemies, though there are people who she doesn't care for.

Major Possessions:

  • Juno: Dog, Cross between a Sylrosian Tracker and an Aelyrian Hunter
  • Trigg: Horse, Juanerro, Brown

Parent/Guardian of:

Special Personal Relationships:

  • Engaged to Dante Asunder - 8th of Tempris Era XVIII
  • Married to Dante Asunder - 15th of Imperios, Era XXIV
  • Separated from Dante Asunder - Winter Era XXV


While her mother was pregnant, Niven's father, Carnesîr Soleil, died in a tragic hunting accident. With no means to support herself, Niven's mother, Isilrá, moved in with her sister and her family. Niven's aunt and uncle became like parents to her and Niven never felt wanting for other siblings as she grew up close to her cousins and they became surrogate siblings.

As a young girl, she and her cousins (Eltaor, Cymbiir, Maeralya, Séonais, and Wyn) would often play a 'damsel in distress' game and, unlike her female cousins, Niven always wanted to be the one rescuing rather than being rescued. She had more fun playing with the boys than she ever did with the girls, and therefore was taught many skills that most Syl'rosian women aren't taught. Though very pretty, Niven had little interest in boys as mates as most of them were her friends.

When she became an adult, as much as she loved her family she felt that she needed to get out on her own and make a life for herself. The idea of adventure appealed to her and she imagined the Aelyrian Empire would not disappoint.


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