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Nymira / Virkyn Form

Age: Unknown

Race: Virkyn

Appearance: Much larger then the average wolf, the alpha female of her brood is pitch black in color with dark brown eyes that reflect a great amount of humanity and intelligence. Sharp teeth line her mouth and razor sharp claws managed by her bondmate stand at the ready, her weapons against her foes aside from her large bulky body. The only spot of white that touches her body is behind her right ear.

History: Born into a medium sized litter, Nymira was the largest of the brood and was pitch black like her mother Nemaru. Asserting herself right away even without her past life's memories and personality, Nymira did what she could to stay in control. Tormenting one of the new Sanguine, Valanthia, was her favorite pastime and she destroyed items that the woman possessed. Nymira was asserting herself and also, she simply did not like Valanthia. As time passed, the need for a bondmate reached the point of near insanity, Umbrosus, their white brother aquired a bondmate in the Sanguine Valanthia whilst the other pups went on in their growing insanity. Then Jade arrived, Nymira didn't know what to expect from the woman, but what she knew was that this was her last chance to be saved from plummeting into the dark pit of madness. Disaster struck as one of her brothers succumbed to the madness and killed one of their brothers, a battle began and Nymira helped her white brother Umbrosus save both Jade and Valanthia from death. Nymira then bonded with Jade and gained her bondmate and sister back.

Posessions: Does Jade count?

Nymira / Human Form

Age: 20 ordinations old

Race: Human

Appearance: In her human form, Nymira is quite stunning. She is about 5'6 and has a slender form, much like her elder sister Jade. Her skin is like alabaster and smooth to the touch which seems to go well with her sleek pitch black hair that falls just at the middle of her back. Her deep dark eyes are framed by long eyelashes, giving her a touch of mystery. Fire and intelligence resides within her darkened orbs, the sign of a skilled arcanist perhaps. She has a scar on her right ankle and a tiny barely noticeable birthmark behind her left knee.

History: Nymira was born into a small family, her mother not making it through childbirth, leaving just her older sister and her father. Jade was the only mother figure Nymira knew and this was fine with her, the little girl growing up in the shadow of her older sister. She looked up at Jade and tried to do everything as her older sister did, though she discovered early on that she did not hold the affinity with weapons and brute force like Jade did and so she resorted to learning what truly intrigued her, arcana. Following now in her father's proud footsteps, Nymira became a keeper in the great Krevion, learning elementalism from her father and keeping track of the arcanic books. As she grew, she and Jade came at odds about a great many things, arguing and fighting, but they were sisters and that was the most important thing.

Nymira took up the violin at a young age and over the eras, she learned the master the beautiful instrument as well as her elementalism. Despite her happy life, Nymira was a lonely girl, the sister she had always spent time with now spent more time training with her blades or doing her duties in her section of the Krevion. Having only her violin or her books for friends didn't work for her, hence her time spent in some gardens nearby, where she came upon Daekon. He was a shy sweet boy that Nymira connected with quickly, not to mention a Rhasic, which wasn't really that bad of a thing at the time.

Nymira's Virkyn / Human Capabilities

  • Shadowstalking - All Virkyns are capable of shadowstalking, the ability to not only blend in with the shadows but also to actually travel through the shadows. They can pass by unnoticed in the shadows, are difficult if not impossible to be touched while in the shadows and can go through doors and walls. A lack of shadows means that they would be unable to exit from the shadows, meaning they would be stuck until they find an area with shadows large enough for them to exit from.

  • Telepathic communication - As with all Virkyn/Sanguine pairings there is a telepathic connection between Jade and Nymira. It allows the sisters to speak telepathically as well as share their thoughts with one another. The bond goes further, the sisters are able to see through each other's eyes and due to their connection Nymira's heightened senses passed onto Jade though only to some extent. They are able to shut one another out of their thoughts and minds though this happens very rarely.

  • Soul-bound - Nymira and Jade are linked with one another in a way that means that one cannot live without the other. They feel each other's pain and should one fall in battle the other would soon follow them in death. There is no way to sever their connection short of removing the curse that binds their souls in two different timelines.

  • Elementalism - Because of the pendent Nymira was given in Zinn'Sunn, she is able to regain her human form for a certain amount of time. Through the connection of her living soul in the Sanguine timeline she is able to retain knowledge of the arcane arts though nowhere near as powerful as she was in the Sanguine timeline. She is at level 2 in Elementalism.
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