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Equipment and moola as of 1 Junctior:

Starting Wealth Tier: Sterling. Would you like to see my sterling package?

*leers and grabs crotch vulgarly*

Some gear scavenged from his days working in the Chillings Mines:

A utility belt good for attaching and carrying tools.
some rope
a miner's helmet
a rock hammer
a hand glass suitable for examining ore samples (Hoskuld's no mineralo- minerolo- er, rock guy, but he took it because he thought he'd be able to get something for it.) The lens is slightly scratched and the casing is busted, the assembly only held together by some twine.

From this thread:
A bag with some miscellaneous climbing accoutrements: slings, carabiners, gri-gris)
A metal canteen
A second dagger (with some light acid etching)

From this thread
A well-made warm coat (suitable for High Peak winters), winter boots, hat, and gloves.

Major purchases: 1 battle axe

"By definition, risk-takers often fail." - Scott Adams

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