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Hoskuld Coal-beard is a famous HeroHoskuld Coal-beard is a famous Hero

Hoskuld Coal-beard

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Section 1: Executive Summary

Dwarf. Beard. Axe. Questions? No? Good. Let's go explore and kill stuff.

Section 2: Non-Executive...Non-Summary



Best guess: 100 eras/patterns, yahren, whatever

Physical Description
4'1", 225. Alluring locks of auburn with highlights like the deepest shadows of night frame an enigmatic but mischeivous face with tormented, soulful eyes that nonetheless- O FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!

Scruffy brown hair running into whiskers and a beard that gradually get darker until they are nearly black. His eyes are hazel-colored and close-set, and his nose is ugly and narrow-bridged.

When Hoskuld was little, he was a stereotypically cantankerous dwarf. Now that he is still little, he is still a stereotypically cantankerous dwarf.

Combat Skills

+2xp axe
+2xp spear

Arcana Skills


Trade Skills

Novice Mining (starter skill)


Professional Caving/Spelunking (as per starting package approved by Lichen)

"Starting package?! I'll show yer a starting package!"

*leers, grabs crotch vulgarly.*

Major Items/Equipment

No hovel. Hoskuld is hovelless, which might explain his dishoveled appearance
An imperial visa (identification document).
A dagger.
The clothes on his back (includes a change of clothes and a warm cloak he keeps in his satchel, meaning they're technically still on his back, so there).
A skin of water.
Enough food to last five brightenings.

Personal item?! I'll show yer a personal item!

*leers and grabs crotch vulgarly*

And no I wouldn't dream of selling it. What kind of a dwarf do you think I am?!

As mentioned in this post, it is an apparently non-descript grey rock about the size and shape of a finger, tied to a piece of string. His mother said it was going to help him in some way, but it was never disclosed how it was supposed to do that.

Older players can list their titles and/or work experiences here. New players can consider themselves citizens.

I assume this means "older characters"?

oocBut older players applies to me, too

Miner in Chillings Mines from eras PF XIV-XIX.
Random Task Coordinator with Fire-Setter family of gem buyers in Arconis from PF XIX-XXIII.
Currently a Self-employed Random Task Consultant
The Fire-Setter family have arranged a small sinecure income for Hoskuld, which is the main source of his Sterling package
-apart from this, of course *leers and grabs crotch vulgarly*


Haven't fleshed out this character much, but I've looked at other CIRs and character concepts from other RPGs for ideas and have come up with something of a composite:

Hoskuld was the Crown Prince of some obscure house for which the game has no room or allowance but which was nonetheless immensely powerful and filthy rich. His family disowned him for falling in love with a half-elven princess from a rival similarly obscure-but-nonetheless-immensely-powerful-and-wealthy house.

He and his love escaped, deciding to run away to the surface because they didn't want to be evil like the other vysstichi, but they were kidnapped by pirates and separated, and Hoskuld was hit on the head and lost his memory. The dwarf was able to escape, drawing ingeniously on all the skills he doesn't have yet. I have no logical explanation for how he pulled it off, but I guess that's OK since Hoskuld doesn't remember anyway.

Since then Hoskuld has been hearing voices in his head that tell him to do evil things. One of those things must have included getting in a barfight and killing somebody in Primus Gaudeo, else why else would he leave his nice 1000 Crown hovel to go caving around Acumin? Of course, he can't remember that, because he has amnesia.

Hoskuld likes mining, drinking ale, and going for long, quiet walks in subterranean caverns. He is looking for a sensitive, understanding, financially stable, height-weight-proportional SWF dwarf who enjoys the same. Failing that, he'll be happy to fight orcs and swear colorfully at other PCs.

That's still a very rough character concept, of course, and it will change once I've had some time to be creative. In the meantime, I'll just use the CIR to keep track of my Crowns and document my training.

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