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[Gameplay] Latest Wiki Adds: Alchemy, Natural Materials, Economy Primer
Jan 28, 2015 - 10:13 AM - by Nimh
A few more articles have been rolled out for the wiki, most notably of which is the Alchemy article. I have also drummed up an article that saves some of the natural material mentions that were in trades articles and what have you. The economy got its own Primer page (still working on the Bank of Aelyria page but that'll be forthcoming) with an add-in on taxation in the game.

Alchemy - Aelyria
Note: Alchemy does reference poisoning and herbalism as falling under alchemy. While knowledge of different types of poisons and herbs are still considered a lore, the creation of herbal/poison mixtures that do fun things can be considered as alchemy. If you previously had poisoning or herbalism as a skill and want to roll it into alchemy you can do so.

A Primer to Natural Materials - Aelyria
... [Read More]
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[Gameplay] Dreamwalking Updates
Jan 23, 2015 - 10:14 PM - by Nimh
Good evening!

We have officially rolled out the updates to Dreamwalking and the two related factions, Dreamwalkers and Twisted! Please check those out if they are relevant to you or are of something of interest to you. They have been altered to better represent what is expected of a deity-related group.

The Twisted

People who have gained "brands" because they've simply become Dreamwalkers or Twisteds should check in as to the validity of their presumed brands.

Nimh, on behalf of the Working Group
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[Gameplay] Chronosynch Changes
Jan 08, 2015 - 10:10 AM - by Nimh
If you haven't already noticed from the last chronosynch, we are going to be approaching the way chronosynchs occur differently than we used to! Previously you would be given small (in some cases really small) chunks of time according to what season it was. We are currently driving to allow people more flexibility in their available time chunks by extending more time to people to play within. How you extend (or over-extend) yourself is up to you and no one else! How we expand this further in the future depends on a variety of factors!

Here is the current chronosynch: Winter, Spring and Summer of XXII

You may now begin playing in the new chunk of time. No new threads may be started in the previous chronosynch, per usual.
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[Local] The Rainbow Towers in Disarray
Dec 26, 2014 - 11:16 AM - by Mimesis
Winter, Era XXII Post Fractum. Reign of the Empress Rhysatra I

Nexus Prime - There has been a shift of power at the Rainbow Towers. The Herald has obtained positive reports that Archdruid Straylor Leonard, the Head of the new Druidism Tower, has lost his powers. It is rumoured that he has been stricken by a new arcanic plague which causes peculiar and unpredictable shifts in arcanic ability and power. It is unclear what form precisely this disease has taken in the case of the former Archdruid Leonard; what is clear is that its reverberations are being felt across the famed Arcanic Academy of the western provinces.

Some of the Archdruid's students and former colleagues have their theories, however. Some told reporters that the Archdruid's arcanic ability seems to have gone into reverse and that he has now become an anti-arcanic mage. "It's the Xet," affirmed Miri Gowrimple, an initiate at the Druidism... [Read More]
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[Community] Aelyria Awards 2014! The Results are in!
Dec 25, 2014 - 6:50 PM - by Maddyn
Player Character Awards

1.) Best Female PC

Hay'aan Malinconico
Tiyribi Andares (Runner Up)

2.) Best Male PC

Lyr Tiansson
Straylor Leonard & Vaishen Vadai (Tied for Runner's Up!)

3.) Best Portrayal of their Race

Sima Amarael (Runner Up)

4.) Greatest Grasp of Trades

Hay'aan Malinconico
Iseult Fluersdotter (Runner Up)

5.) Greatest Grasp of Arms

Faust Kitrye'veresi
Veleraen (Runner Up)

6.) Greatest Grasp of Arcana

Straylor Leonard & Shei'yein Neydremi (Tied for Runner's Up!)

7.) Greatest Grasp of Politics

Tiyribi Andares
Alexis Sapientia (Runner Up)

8.) Greatest Grasp of Straws

Madelyn Twist (Runner Up)

9.) Most Interesting PC
... [Read More]
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