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[World] Paradigm Shift: The Stars Realign
Jul 16, 2016 - 4:35 PM - by Mimesis

Paradigm Shift: The Stars Realign

Mid-Summer Era XXIII

The stars travel along their set pathways through the heavens, and time ticks onward - steadily, in time. Kalendryans throughout the Empire breathe a sigh of relief as they find their star charts and calculations true
... [Read More]
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[World] Wiki Updates & Roll-out: Spellbreaking, Imperia, Lamian Empire (Arakmat)
Jun 07, 2016 - 12:49 PM - by Nimh
Good afternoon!

A quick post, since I have to be to work in a half an hour, but a few new articles have rolled out over the past two weeks, some of which you may have noticed...or not!

Recently updated with the following changes:
- Moved Dissolution to level 4, also made it only capable of hard dispelling spells of two levels below.
- Added Soulstone Infection as a drawback to using some of the more overt antimagic spells
- Removed Arcane Impotency, as it was irrelevant with the changes to arcana.

Guide to Spellbreaking
- Nerfed warping somewhat (made the small item smaller)
- Made
... [Read More]
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